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June Specials

Purchase 2 vials of Cheek Filler get
Chin filler FREE

What is cheek filler used for?

  • Define and enhance your cheekbones.

  • Increase volume of your cheeks.

  • Look more youthful.

  • Plump up wrinkles.

  • Smooth lines.

Erase your lines.png

Jeuveau Tox $10/unit

What is Jeuveau tox used for?

  • Eliminate wrinkles between the eyebrows (the 11's), crows feet and forehead.

  • Give a slight lift to your upper lip, corners of the mouth and eyebrows.

  • Slim the jawline

  • Stop sweating 

  • Smooth jelly roll under the eyes.

bikini bum.png

Purchase 5 vials of Sculptra get
1 vial FREE

What is Sculptra used for?

  • Creating volume, smoothing wrinkles and dimples caused by skin laxity.

  • Eliminating hip dips

  • Lifting the bum for the perfect bikini bum

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